This is a brand new feature at witchtheband.com for 2012.  The official WITCH PODCAST was created as a forum for bands, crew, and friends to tell their story, not just about WITCH specifically, but also about the 1980's Orange County and L.A. metal scenes in general.  The goal is to have a new episode available here each month, so keep checking back.  To listen to The Podcast, simply click on the yellow "click here" tab below each episode.  Each episode will be approximately one hour in length.  It may take a couple of minutes to download, so please be patient.  LIKE The Podcast on Facebook for updates on current shows.  Go to Facebook.com/TheWitchPodcast.  Enjoy!

PODCAST #6 - March, 2013
Special Guest: Jim Warmon

Bassist, singer, songwriter, and producer Jim Warmon
announces the June 22 WITCH reunion concert of the original
lineup, discusses the 30 year history of
, talks about playing in MESSENGER, JEKYL & HYDE,
and a whole lot more.
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Mad For Life (WITCH: The Hex Is On...and Then Some - 2011)
Take Me Away (WITCH: Damnation - 2008)
Welcome On the Night (WITCH:
unreleased bootleg - April 13, 1989)
Come and Get Me (PERU CRUE
: Almost Human - 1994)
Can't Find Love (MANNION: Punchin' the Clown - 2007)
Nothing Lasts Forever (WITCH: The Hex Is On...And Then Some - 2011)


PODCAST #5 - January, 2013

Special Guest: Henry Stone

Guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer Henry Stone talks
about playing in AMPAGE, PERU CRUE, SPOILED ROTTEN, and
TRIPLE X, working with legendary bassist Don Costa in DAMIEN,
working at radio station KROQ with Disc Jockey Poorman, and why
his band MILLENNIA--which should've hit big--didn't.
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Pagan Holiday (TRIPLE X: unreleased demo - 1990)
Holly Rock (AMPAGE:
unreleased bootleg - July 2, 1981, Cuckoo's Nest)
: unreleased rehearsal - 1982)
Infected Growth (DAMIEN: unreleased rehearsal - January, 1983)

Razor's Edge (MILLENNIA: unreleased demo - 1996)


PODCAST #4 - March, 2012

Special Guest: Greg Leon

(photo by Ace Steele)
Singer, songwriter, and guitar virtuoso Greg Leon talks
about his friendship with RANDY RHOADS, forming his bands
DOKKEN and DUBROW, how one of his amps was used by
EDDIE VAN HALEN to record "Beat It," and much more!
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Key To My Heart (DUBROW: unreleased bootleg - The Starwood, 1980)
Born To Die (GREG LEON INVASION: Greg Leon Invasion - 1982)
Soldier Of Love (WISHING WELL: Wishing Well - 1997)
Fever (GREG LEON INVASION: Unfinished Business - 2005)


PODCAST #3 - February, 2012
Special Guest: Ronny Too

Ronny talks about jamming with James Hetfield in high school,
forming his first band CIRQUE, opening for LOUDNESS,
playing with Tony Richards in MAX HAVOC, and a lot more!
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While We're Young (SIK LUCY: unreleased demo - 1985)
Out In the Streets (CAUTION: unreleased bootleg - August 14, 1986, Jezebel's)
Love Song (MAX HAVOC: unreleased demo - December, 1986)
Knock Me Down (FIREWATER: unreleased demo - 1990)
Riding On (AWOL: unreleased demo - 1991)


PODCAST #2 - January, 2012
Special Guest: Sammy Serious

The founder and lead singer of THE ZEROS talks about the band's latest cd Zero In,
the origins of THE ZEROS from New Jersey to Hollywood,
recording the HOWARD STERN SHOW theme song, and much more!
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Are You A Nut (The Zeros: Zero In - 2010)
Be A Zero (The Zeros: Be A Zero 7" single - 1985)
Sticky Sweet Girl (The Zeros: 4,3,2,1...The Zeros - 1991)
H-O-W-A-R-D (The Zeros: Names (Vol. 1) - 1993)
Hose 'em Down (The Zeros: unreleased bootleg - February 21, 1992, Chexx)
Goodnight (The Zeros: 4,3,2,1...The Zeros - 1991)


- December, 2011
Special Guest: Punky Peru

Punky talks about the new WITCH cd The Hex Is On...And Then Some,
working with Slash and Chris Holmes,
 why WITCH never toured, and a whole bunch more.
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Nervous Wreck (WITCH: The Hex Is On...And Then Some - 2011)
Take Me Away (WITCH: The Hex Is On...And Then Some - 2011)
Games That People Play (WITCH: The Hex Is On...And Then Some - 2011)
Love, Love, Love (WITCH: unreleased bootleg - June 4, 1988, Perkin's Palace)