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With every order I will include a set of 3 WITCH guitar picks!


Autographed DAMNATION - CD $25

The first official WITCH CD and now long out of print.
Punky, Ronny, Jim and Peter have all signed the booklet cover (Peter has signed
using his real name, Peter James Allen)

Twenty tracks including THE HEX IS ON e.p., the NOBODY SLEEPS 12" single, the 1988 Cherokee Studios demos, live songs from 1983 and 1984, and extensive liner notes.

Here's a review from blackmetal.com: Totally cult horror Metal from Southern California, independently released in 1984 by O.T.T. Records! With a fetish-oriented, gothic/glam look, WITCH crawled out of the Underground L.A. street Metal Scene (their fan club was in Westminster, California) with a surprisingly brutal & heavy sound! These guys may have looked like MOTLEY CRUE clones, but WITCH's music was definitely more impressive than their visual aesthetic! Die-hard collectors of early Metal should check this out, & will certainly be surprised by the hard & dark rage pouring from this album!


- CD $13

Sealed/Not Autographed


Finally, we have WITCH shirts!  Size XL only


Black Gildan 100% Cotton shirt.  Features Peter's original hand drawn WITCH logo
from 1983 on front.  The back features the date and venue name of every show the
band ever played, including the reunion show on June 22, 2013.

HIT THE ROAD Shirt - $15

Light blue Gildan 100% cotton. Features the WITCH logo and "Orange
County, CA" on left breast.  Back features lyrics to "Hit the Road."