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Reply DavidFat
1:43 AM on May 31, 2020 
Traffic blitz puts brakes on law breakers

Newcastle police are warning drivers not to run red lights in the hopes of stopping motorists breaking the law.

Newcastle officers will be on hand on roads this weekend to reassure drivers of the danger they face when trying to pass or speed through stop signs.

The operation will allow officers to provide additional road policing resources to encourage driving habits.

Police will also be using their vehicles to carry out road checks and give drivers information about their speed limit.

Newcastle will be hosting an event which allows drivers and police to meet.

New Zealand Police Association chief executive David Smith says the blitz is an effective way to discourage drivers from breaking the law.

"There have been a number of incidents in the past year or two where drivers have broken the law and it appears they will continue to do so, so for us as a community we want to do everything we can to stop these breaking of the law through enforcement and to raise awareness.

"So we have a plan to reduce red-light violations and we are taking it a step further this weekend with a blitz of sorts."

The traffic enforcement blitz is part of a two-day blitz called Traffic for Good to promote public safety.

It will take place in Newcastle and the Wellington region from Friday 5 to Saturday 6 September and includes an annual traffic enforcement event at the University of Auckland.

Police will have information for drivers about the current and recent statistics about the number of road traffic offences, and road crashes, around New Zealand.

On Friday 3 September, more than half the police traffic officers in all of New Zealand will work on the New Zealand Police's website, in the hopes of improving public confidence in the police.

Mr Smith says police were hoping to see greater public awareness of road safety.

"But we also realise that we're going to have to rely on this as well, because for them to really use their time effectively, they will need to engage with the public in an area that they have an increased opportunity to do that in."

Driving with lights on

Police also said it was not just drivers on the road who were breaking the law.

The operation will allow the police to focus their attentions and effort on breaking the law.

There are currently almost 6,000 red-light cameras in New Zealand, police said.

Officers are monitoring the amount of cameras and will be reviewing how much they had been used up by the last two years.

In the last three months, there has been an increase of more than 300 red-light cameras.

Police believe at least 1,000 crashes involving red-light cameras have caused traffic problems.

New Zealand Police also recently release

Access to police pursuit rules for car chase crash victims is guaranteed under a deal struck between the province and Canada's first police forces after a series of fatal car chases across the country.

At Thursday's meeting, Peel police superintendent Marc-Andr�© Dorey made a promise to "bring greater transparency" into the process of pursuing cases and ensuring victims are getting access to their rights within 24 hours. The deal also provides for greater accountability for force members in determining how to pursue cases in the event of a collision or shooting.

"By getting rid of the requirement that officers get a police chief's signature � this allows the board to be as open and transparent as possible with respect to these issues," Dorey said.

He noted the deal allows the police chief to designate "public safety officers" rather than regular officers, which allows for less oversight of their actions.
Reply nklrocsj
7:35 PM on May 30, 2020 
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Reply VernonLaddy
8:25 AM on May 26, 2020 
Home owners losing houses to westconnex call for more money from council

Houses in the community of Davenport in St Kilda have been sold for more than $400,000, with some being moved to the area of Westconnex where construction work is taking place.

Rory Boulton has spent the past seven years moving his family from the West Connex community to a house near the existing residential area.

The property is located near the proposed WestConnex site of West Connex and the River Dandenong and is one of the houses that the former residents of the West Connex area have lost. (Supplied) "It's quite a shame that that's going to happen to a neighborhood that's been there for over a hundred years," Mr. Boulton said.

The proposed development in the neighbourhood would have the West Connex project's main access corridor built north of the St Kilda community, creating a three-lane road that would link with the former residents' home on the nearby River Dandenong.

Construction has started at the site of the WestConnex site but has now shifted to the area near the former site. (supplied) "It doesn't appear that the new development will be going north at all to the River Dandenong from where they're located on the former land, which is a very unusual sight and an unusual situation," he said.

"It's an area that was used by thousands of people, over 400 or 500 homes were there and people have just been displaced out of their homes."

The site of the WestConnex site had been the site of a planned residential project but it was halted after it hit financial problems. (Supplied) Mr. Boulton said the development was costing $30-million and was being planned against residents' wishes.

"They have done everything that they could and nothing more. It's such a strange situation. They're actually getting their money back and it looks as if no more money will be used to implement a development that has such dire financial implications," he said.

The development proposal for WestConnex was approved by council for approval in June 2012 with the developers now due to commence planning work at the WestConnex site.

It is expected to come online in about a year's time.

Mr. Boulton's wife, Kim, moved from their current home in the former community back to St Kilda in the early 1980s with her children, two grandchildren and many of their neighbours.

She said it was only when she moved away in 1997, around the time the development project started, that she lost contact with her family for the first time in 20 years.

"I don't hav

Silverchair frontman daniel johns pleads guilty to drink driving charge

Aston Villa defender Daniel Johns has pleaded guilty to drink driving and will pay �£100,000 to the City of London Police Department, according to police.

The 26-year-old, who played for the Gunners between 2012 and 2014, drove his car from Aldermaston in Derbyshire back to London via Bradford.

On his return to Derbyshire, Johns bought an empty silverchair for �£2,838 and then drove back to Leeds, where he sold it on online auction.

Johns pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle whilst disqualified and fined �£250, up to a maximum of five years in prison. He also has a further four months suspended on his licence.
Reply CraigPraro
4:40 PM on May 17, 2020 
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Reply bellewef
11:23 PM on May 16, 2020 
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Reply Jcoblat
6:37 AM on May 16, 2020 
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1:09 PM on May 6, 2020 
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12:09 AM on May 4, 2020 
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