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Witch The Band



Plans for Jezebel's Resurrection 4 began in February.  Despite the logistics that went into getting WITCH to play at last year's event, the band had such a great time that they wanted to do it all over again. Initial rehearsals were planned for April, but due to a motorcycle accident Punky was forced to push back rehearsals until June 7. Ronny came in from Idaho on the 6th, and now that Peter had moved back to Southern California he was already in town along with Jim and Punky. The band worked over the setlist, retaining three songs from the GODBOX sessions, adding the classic "(No More) Suffering In Silence" along with the AEROSMITH cover "Toys In the Attic," and adding another WITCH first: a medley of "Nervous Wreck/Hit the Road/Bewitched." The final rehearsal was on Wednesday, June 11, exactly 31 years since the band's first gig.  Everyone--minus Peter--got together for dinner at a Thai restaurant in Newport Beach on Friday the 13th.

June 14, 2014
Santa Ana, CA
Closing Act: Filthy Rocks
Opening Acts: EV Loud, Gypsy Saints
Archived: Video (multiple sources)
"Pricking of My Thumbs" intro tape
Toys In the Attic
Pay the Due
Cinderella (In Black Leather)
Mad For Life
(No More) Suffering In Silence
Black Magic
Medley: Nervous Wreck/Hit the Road/Bewitched
Take Me Away

The band did their first official photo shoot with a professional photographer since 2008 just an hour before showtime in Jim's room at The Embassy Suites.  In keeping with their promise to deliver an "old school metal show for 2014," Punky's use of the torches returned to kick-off the show, and tiki torches mounted on the drum kit made their first appearance since 1988. Punky also debuted his new Fibes drum kit.
The parachute curtain was again used, dropping just as Tawn Mastrey's recorded intro tape introduced the band. They opened with the AEROSMITH favorite "Toys In the Attic," reenacting the opening of their final Jezebel's gig from April 13, 1989, and this cover tune also dates back to WITCH's very first show on June 11, 1983. The three-song medley was a first for WITCH, as was the addition of a bass riff to start "Cinderella (In Black Leather)." July, 2014 marks the 30th Anniversary of the release of THE HEX IS ON, so initially there were plans to play the e.p. in its entirety. However, after rehearsing the tune, "Wet n Wild" was dropped from the set earlier in the week. No mention of the e.p.'s anniversary was made from the stage. Special WITCH show shirts were produced for the gig, as were red and black logo buttons (only the second official WITCH logo button ever produced, the first dating back to late 1983. None of these original buttons seem to have survived through the years). Original SPECIAL FORCES/WITCH friend and roadie Jim "Happy" Meyers was in attendance, as was MAX HAVOC's Pat McKeon, along with members of ANGUS KHAN and punk stalwarts THE STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS.  Will WITCH return for Jezebel's Resurrection 5 in 2015?  THORoughly possible, but other things are in the works........