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Witch The Band


June 30, 2018
Santa Ana, CA
Closing Act: Filthy Rocks
Opening Acts: Ronny North, EV Loud, Sheer Lust, Noize Toys
Archived: Partial Video

Welcome On The Night
Nervous Wreck
(No More) Suffering In Silence
Cinderella (In Black Leather)
Pay The Due
Black Magic
Take Me Away
Toys In The Attic

Jezebel's Resurrection 6 saw the return of the classic THE HEX IS ON lineup, with Jim, Ronny, Punky and Peter taking the stage together for the first time since June 14, 2014 (picture above by Kelsey Boyer). Rehearsals took place in April and again on June 27 and 28. This show saw the inclusion of opening song "Welcome On The Night," not known to have been played live since March 10, 1989 at Jezebel's (although it may have been played March 14, 24, and 29 as well). Members of NOIZE TOYS joined WITCH on backing vocals for the AEROSMITH encore "Toys In The Attic." (photos below by Kelsey Boyer)