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Witch The Band



Punky Peru is a licensed Captain, a Scuba Course Director and Underwater Videographer. He has been in the business for over twenty years, leading groups of divers all over the world,  and has worked on the Kona Aggressor in Hawaii.  He lives in Huntington Beach, California, with his wife Kelsey and sons Chance and Jack.  He has never stopped writing and recording music. www.myspace.com/punkyperu (photo courtesy Captain Punky Peru)

Peter Wabitt got married in 2008 and lives in Texas.  He has never stopped "singing for his supper," and continues to write and perform with the band HIGHWAY.  As recently as 2008 Peter was also teaching music part time at local high schools in Oklahoma and Texas.

Ronny Too
moved to Idaho in 1992 to start a new life away from the dying metal scene of Southern California.  He worked as the Inventory Manager for the Lighthouse Salad Dressing Company for nearly a decade, and is currently the Supply Chain Manager for the Sunshine Minting Company.  This company mints gold and silver tokens and medallions, and supplies the one-ounce rounds for Silver Eagle bullion and mint proof coins.  He has two children and, although he still writes and records, being a full-time Dad is his top priority. www.myspace.com/ronnytoo

Jim Warmon is Senior Director Of Authoring at a digital post-production film studio in Orange CountyHe played a major role in bringing Disney's first DVD releases to market including Alice In Wonderland, the Toy Story 1 & 2 deluxe boxed set, and just about everything in between.  His achievements also include an award-winning promotional DVD for Kawasaki, cutting-edge extreme sports DVDs for Tony Hawk, the ongoing series of Martha Stewart DVDs, as well as numerous other TV series and Hollywood home video releases.  He has also never stopped writing and recording music.  In 2007 he wrote, produced, recorded, sang, and played all of the instruments on an 8-song CD entitled PUNCHING THE CLOWN.  He is also a rare-guitar dealer, buying and selling vintage instruments around the world.  www.myspace.com/jimwarmon (photo courtesy Jim Warmon)

Scott Rickett is President of Soul Surfer Records in Huntington Beach, CA.  He has a publishing deal with EMI and writes & records for Fox Sports, among many other musical ventures.  He has played on and written music for hundreds of recordings, including movies, television, and albums with dozens of bands.  He currently plays in a group called ARTHRITIS.  More information on Scott can be found at www.soulsurferrecords.com.  Pictured is Scott on the far left in 2007 jamming in his studio. The Jackson guitar with flames that he used in WITCH is hanging on the wall behind him.  (photo courtesy www.soulsurferrecords.com)

David Ezrin's musical career is too prolific to detail here.  He has written, recorded, produced, and performed with some of the biggest artists and on some of the biggest-selling albums in the music business.  He was one of the partners in Scott Rickett's Soul Surfer Records, and their musical collaboration lasted more than twenty years.  He also continued to perform live with many different projects.  Despite everything David has done in his storied career, for KISS fans like myself he and his younger brother will always be remembered as the children's voices heard on KISS' studio recording of "God Of Thunder," featured on their 1976 DESTROYER album.  David passed away on December 3, 2008.  (photo courtesy www.soulsurferrecords.com)

Michael Williams enjoyed a long musical career following his short run with WITCH.  In the mid-1980s he signed with Winner's Circle Management and had a song featured in the CBS TV movie KISS SHOT (Whoopi Goldberg), and wrote and recorded with the band DO OR DIE.  In the early 1990s he played and recorded with guitarist/vocalist Jeff Laine in POETIC JUSTICE, and in 1994 he worked with the band BIG TIME.  In 1999 he met and married Tamara (that's her with the snake in POISON's "Flesh and Blood" video), and together they have a son.  Michael and his family now live near Riverside and own a successful accounts receivable business.  Now that his son is a little older, Michael would like to get a few "old" musicians together and return to recording and performing.  www.myspace.com/michaelstjohn1 (photo courtesy Michael Williams)

Betsy Bitch is a founding member of the influential Los Angeles-based heavy metal band BITCH, and more than thirty-five years since its inception, she continues fronting that band to this day.  Betsy and the current lineup of BITCH (including ABATTOIR guitarist Steve Gaines) are currently working on a new BITCH album that they hope to release soon, and did their first-ever European tour in Summer 2011.  Besides fronting BITCH, Betsy also enjoys being the guest vocalist for a number of heavy metal bands in the Southern California area.  For all things Betsy Bitch, including extensive biographical information, discography, photos, and current BITCH news, please visit www.betsybitch.com.  You can also visit Betsy on her myspace page. (photo courtesy Betsy's myspace)

THE HEX IS ON Photo Shoot location can be found near the intersection of Gothard and Slater streets in Huntington Beach Central Park, just adjacent to the Park Bench Cafe.  By far the most widely reproduced photos in WITCH's career, photographer David White actually shot the band twice on this location: once at the end of summer in 1983, and again in early 1984.  The band is pictured around and sometimes on the  large Eucalyptus tree and its surrounding foliage.  The 1983 photos were widely used on flyers, posters, BAM magazine ads, and the band's very first publicity photo with Tapestry Artists Management.  The 1984 photos were used on flyers, the back cover of the US and UK versions of THE HEX IS ON, the front cover of the French THE HEX IS ON, and subsuquently on the cover of the DAMNATION CD release.  Almost unrecognizable today after over twenty-five years of growth, the tree still exists.  Punky and Jim returned to the location on December 31, 2009 (at left).
Radio City/The Woodstock and most of the strip mall in which they existed burned to the ground in November of 1985.  At the corner of Knott and Ball Avenues in Anaheim, California, these two clubs played host to thousands of concerts by thousands of bands from the early to mid-1980s, including U2, X, SOCIAL DISTORTION, LONDON, DANTE FOX/GREAT WHITE, RUTHLESS, AMPAGE, SPECIAL FORCES, WASP, GUNS N ROSES, MOTLEY CRUE, STEELER, METALLICA, POISON, MONTROSE, SPINAL TAP, SLAYER, DARK ANGEL, LEATHER ANGEL, L.A. GUNS, ARMORED SAINT, ADOLESCENTS, LEATHERWOLF, SAVAGE GRACE, STRYPER, and of course WITCH.  At this historic location now sits a storage facility.

Jezebel's night club on State College Avenue in Anaheim thrived during the 1980's metal scene, and
continued on into the early 1990s.  Hundreds of "KNAC Nights" were held here, with DJs Tawn Mastrey, Thrasher and many others playing host to the likes of METALLICA, EXODUS, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX, MAX HAVOC, GARY MOORE, STEELER, WARRANT, HEAVEN, SALTY DOG,  LITA FORD, RUTHLESS, THE PLASMATICS, WHITE TIGER, AVERSION, SAVATAGE, SAXON, KILLER DWARFS, KNIGHTMARE II, HELLION, DRI, RACER X, DANZIG, ARMORED SAINT, AWOL, WITCH, and thousands more. Following the closure of Jezebel's in the mid-1990s, the original building stood intact and was home to a Mexican restaurant. However, in 2021, the building was unceremoniously torn down and the land slated for redevelopment. Yet another example of Orange County's rock and roll past turned to dust. (photo of the original building taken in 2009 courtesy www.myspace.com/jezebelsrocked)

Punky's Mobile Home--otherwise known as 'WITCH Manor'--was located in the 15000 block of Beach Boulevard in Midway City.  This location was ground zero for all
things heavy metal and WITCH in Orange County from 1981 until 1984: Peter Wabitt lived here on and off for most of those years; Tommy Lee lived here during the summer of 1983; Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Blackie Lawless, Jack Russell, Glenn Hughes, and many others partied here on a regular basis; and Ronny Too auditioned for WITCH here.  When the March 1984 Los Angeles Times article about WITCH was published, the landlord of the mobile home park accused Punky of running a business in a residential neighborhood and had him evicted.  The original mobile home is long gone, but a new one sits on the exact site and even has the same space number: 66.