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Witch The Band


Current WITCH News

December 9, 2022
The Tiki Bar, Costa Mesa, CA

This show did not happen. It was canceled weeks earlier when
Andy was unable to get a visa.
Bound For Hell On The Sunset Strip
A new compilation album from label
The Numero Group

Features 1-Track from WITCH and
PUNKY PERU on the Box Set Cover!
Go to numerogroup.com to buy!

June 11, 2022
The Whisky, Hollywood
WITCH hits the stage at 8:30pm
Opening for ANGEL
Jim, Ronny, Punky, & Peter return to Hollywood


SHOW #2 FOR 2021!
December 11 at Stages

October 23, 2021
Jim, Punky, Ronny, Peter
At STAGES (formerly Malones)

Still in shock that our friend
Mike "Ozzy" Gibbens
passed away March 2020.

Everyone who knew him loved him.
A great friend, photographer, roadie,
and all-around nice guy.
Thank you for 34 years of friendship.
You are missed, Buddy.


Ronny, Peter, Punky & Jim
WITCH Returns to the Strip!
Friday, October 4, 2019
The Whisky - 6:30pm sharp
Opening for ANGEL


Jim, Peter, Ronny, & Punky
WITCH Returns To Malone's
June 30,2018
One Night Only


Larry Meyers

We are sad to report that longtime WITCH friend & crew
member Larry Meyers passed away October 29, 2017
(pictured above with Peter in 1987). Larry and his brother
Happy worked with Peter during the SPECIAL FORCES days,
then made the transition to WITCH in 1983, with Larry
ultimately being Scott Rickett's guitar tech 1986 to 1988.


An article about WITCH appeared on August 17,
2015, on the TeamRock.com website.

Read it HERE

On March 22, 2015, Punky was interviewed live on
the "Heavy Metal Mayhem" Internet Radio Show.
Check it out HERE

On December 3, 2014, Punky and Kelsey welcomed
their second son, Jack, into the Witch family.

OC Weekly
published a review and band photo
of the June 14, 2014 Malone's show here

Check out this great review and photos of the
June 22, 2013 Reunion show


OC Weekly
has named WITCH one of the Top Ten
"Greatest Orange County Heavy Metal Bands of All Time"!
see the whole article here


The classic THE HEX IS ON lineup of
Peter, Jim, Ronny, & Punky will play
one night only at the Jezebel's Resurrection concert
on Saturday, June 22, 2013, at Malone's in Santa Ana!
This will be their first show together since 1989.
More info coming soon!!!

R.I.P. Buddy Clark

In March, 2013, Peter's HIGHWAY bandmate
Buddy Clark was killed in a motorcycle accident
in Huntington Beach, CA.  Our condolences go out
to Buddy's friends and family.


Reviews of THE HEX IS ON...AND THEN SOME are coming in
and they have been great!  Check out the links below:



FnA Records has released a new WITCH CD!
Along with a great new remastering of THE HEX IS ON
and NOBODY SLEEPS, the CD also includes the first official
release of Peter and Punky's 1997 GOD BOX material.
Go to FnArecords.net for ordering information.


Our friend, Johnny Schultz, passed away on November 11,
2011.  Johnny and his family are true legends in the
Orange County rock and roll scene.  From The Woodstock
to Jezebel's and beyond, Johnny brought great music
and good times to everyone.  Johnny also managed WITCH in 1986.

Johnny, at right, with Punky, Lita Ford, & his father 'Ol Boy
(photo courtesy Johnny Schultz's Facebook)


Peter Wabitt returned to Huntington Beach on December
22, 2010, and he and Punky hung out on Christmas Day.
Thanks to Punky & Peter for sending the picture below!


On November 26, 2010, Punky and Kelsey welcomed their
son Chance Brandon into the WITCH family!
Congratulations to Punky and Kelsey.


In October 2010 former
contributor Malcolm Dome interviewed Punky and published
a fantastic
article on the history of WITCH for

complete article can be seen here


Robby Settles R.I.P.

Robby was co-founder and drummer for BITCH, as well as brother-in-law to Betsy Bitch. He passed away May 27, 2010, of leukemia.
Thank you for teaching me how to drum roadie.


WITCH & RIKK AGNEW will play The Doll Hut in
Anaheim New Year's Eve '09!

More info coming soon!

WITCH had their first rehearsal with Geoff Gayer on Sunday, August 9,
in Garden Grove, California (photo by Heavy Metal Mary). Don't
miss WITCH this Saturday, August 15, at The Black Castle in
Los Angeles!


WITCH is now on FaceBook!


Videos from the April 18, 2009 Black Castle show are
now up on YouTube. Check them out here.


Punky recently did an interview with HEAVY METAL TIME MACHINE,
and it can be viewed here.


Show added for August 15!

More Show Info Coming Soon!!


Betsy was recently interviewed on the TURN UP THE NIGHT
podcast. Check it out

Videos from the Valentine's Weekend shows
are now up on YouTube


It is with great sadness that I have to report the sudden passing of David Ezrin.  David passed away on December 3, 2008, and his funeral was December 7.  He was just 42 years old.  Everyone in WITCH sends their deepest condolences to his family and friends, Scott Rickett and everyone at Soul Surfer Records, and all those who knew David personally & through his music.  He is missed.

Below is information from soulsurferrecords.com:


David Ezrin made his transition on December 3rd . In memory of David, the Soul Surfer family has invited family and friends to share thoughts and words that celebrate and remember his extraordinary life.

The heart of a man is made up of his passions, his will, and the fortitude it takes to stay true to the convictions that define him. David was a masterful artist and dedicated father. As a pianist, songwriter and storyteller, he used the universal language of music to speak his truths. With profound intellect, he was a man that heeded the virtues of provocative thought and deep introspection. He was courageous and never afraid to sound the bellow of the symbolic trumpet, fully aware that the melody of unfamiliar keys was the manifestation of his innate genius.

David stood firmly in his vision for humanity, and the generosity by which he shared his life through action, brought inspiration to those fortunate to know him. Through his love of music, his endearment to family and his commitment to friendship, David the teacher, leaves us with valuable lessons in the authentic meanings of service and selfless love.

Our love for David is reciprocal and without condition. As you read these letters, allow David's life to remind us during this time of reflection and beyond, of our own lives, and how we too, are beholding of the great Light. In gratitude, let us use it to serve others and to make our world a more loving and friendlier place. David remains in our hearts and in our minds as a brother, a son, a father, a friend and above all, a unique and beautiful spirit that lives on. For, we have heard the trumpet call, and thus, we carry David's Light with us now and forevermore.

Peace and Blessings,

Words by Elijah Rock on behalf of the Soul Surfer Family
From Lita Ford:

Oh my dear friend Ezzy.

The world has lost a wonderful person, a talented musician, and great song writer.

I have so many fond memories with Ezzy.

Writing songs, partying, wondering how we were going to get home, hahahaha.

He was so much fun to be around, so creative.


David left us all a beautiful girl, Zoe.

May her life always be full of love and passion.

I hope she knows how much her Dad loves her.

He was always talking about her.

He was so proud of his little girl.

I loved hearing him talk about Zoe; it warmed my heart.


The last time I saw David was when he came out to our house in Florida about 10 years ago.

We had a lot of fun. He hung out with my husband a lot on that trip and he has a great story to share.


Ezzy wanted to go fishing - deep sea fishing.

So I got a few friends together and booked a 12 hour trip.

To get to the good fish took 4 hours!

Ezzy slept all the way there.

When we got there he woke up and started puking; he was soooooo sea sick!

Funny how you're always OK until the boat stops!

So there we are, 4 hours from shore and Ezzy's sick as a dog.

I finally talked him into fishing.

He could either puke and do nothing or puke and catch some fish!

We slayed 'em that day.

We have a picture at our Caribbean home that I'll try to grab so I can scan it to post.

We caught over 400 pounds of grouper and snapper!

So we get back after another 4 hour boat ride and Ezzy takes 1 step off the boat and gets stung in the face by a bee; OMG!

It was unbelievable!

He just started laughing and we took the picture with our fish.

He said even though he got sick he loved that fishing trip.

He was so happy that we did it.

When we got home we went to the studio.

Ezzy heard a track I was singing on and wanted to play on it.

We drank a bit of wine and recorded until 3 in the morning.

He was acting like the Phantom of the Opera. It was awesome!

We were like 2 teenagers.

We had such a fun day.


Ezzy touched a lot of people. Jim and I will  miss him a lot.

We both wish we would have spoken to him more regularly.

You always think that you have tomorrow.


Rest in peace Ezzy,


Jim and Lita


Betsy Bitch is featured on the new CD, Forever Chaos, by Japanese melodic death metal band SHADOW.  The band covers the BITCH classic "Damnation Alley" and Betsy supplies the vocal!  Check out more from SHADOW at www.shadow666.net and purchase the CD here.

It happened:

Sorry if you missed it!  It was a great night for the band, and hopefully it's the first of many more for them.
Some people have been writing and asking about Peter.  Pete's not well and is presently unable to do it. The band is hoping he gets well soon and wishes him the best in his recovery....

Videos from the Halloween Show are now up on YouTube!

METAL RAGE in Denmark reported on the Reunion show:
...and so did IDIOMAG:
...and so did POWER LINE AD:
...and so did LORDS OF METAL:
Jim recently did an online interview with HEAVY METAL TIME MACHINE:



Famed rock photographer Kevin Estrada recently blogged about a WITCH show from 1984:
Back in March '08 Blabbermouth reported on the launch of this website:
Check out this interview with Betsy Bitch from February, 2007:
AMPAGE founder Mark Mason is interviewed on sleazeroxx.com and he mentions WITCH:
Although it happened in 2005, we just learned of the passing of original WITCH crew member Joe "The Kid" McEwen.  He was a great friend to the band from the very beginning, and we all have lots of great memories of him.  Thanks for good times, Joe.