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Witch The Band


January 15, Miami, Fl.

Google Pixel comercial


            Punky was contacted by a dive student from 30 years ago for a part in a Super bowl commercial. Within days of his zoom audition he was flown First Class to Miami to shoot a google pixel commercial. The premise was a band member pissed off at another member and erasing the member from a band photo using google pixels magic eraser. The photo of Witch below was used and Ronny Too was erased. Ronny was chosen by the directer simplyImage because Punky was right handed. Although the experience was awesome Punky and Witch once again found themselves on the cutting room floor. The GoogleImage Pixel commercial did air for the Super Bowl but featured Amy Schumer rather than Witch.



             1989 Press photo of Witch


January 27, Tarzana, Ca.

Ampage “Falling Higher” Documentary release


            Punky and Kelsey attended the Ampage documentary release (shown at  right). Punky met Peter in Ampage back in 1981 while Mark Mason has kept Ampage alive since its inception back in 1979. Punky has played with Ampage a few times over the years as well as a Northen West Coast tour and played drums on a song from the Falling Higher CD.

            The documentary was produced by Colin Felger and was narrated by Jake Busey and documents Ampage’s entire career. Punky has an interview in it about his Hawaiian tour with the band back when they were all teenagers. Witch also made it in the film with some photos and video clips since two of Witch’s members were introduced from the band Ampage. The current Ampage line up including Mark Mason performed at the screening.

June 10, Santa Ana, Ca.


Headline Act: Witch

Opening Acts: Ruthless, Black Star Sinners, RJB Band, Pretties for You, Connor Stevens, DarkImage Thor, Voorees


Set List:

Organ Intro

Nervous Wreck

Real Me


Take Me Away

Wet & Wild

Playing in the Rain

Black Magic



Victory without Pain

Toys in the Attic

Cinderella in Black Leather


            This was a very special occasion. Witch wasImage celebrating their 40 year Anniversary with it’s classic line up. June 11, 1983 was the first Witch show at the Woodstock in Anaheim. Since the Woodstock was owned by Joe and his son Johnny Shultz (both RIP) it was an obvious choice to use Joey Shultz as the promoter. This show included it’s classic line up of Peter, Punky, Ronny & Jim. The show included new merchandise with 40th Anniversary shirts and guitar pics along with the 2012 CD The Hex is On/And then Some. The stage was set and Witch was scheduled for 11pm. This time was chosen so the band could play their last encore song just after midnight making the date June 11, 2024.  40 years to the day!


            The show started with the infamous organ intro tape and the room filled with fog, Punky on his drums with the torch’s blazing! The band burst through three songs before stopping while Peter welcomed and thanked the crowd for 40 years of support. The crowd was very well receiving. Each member of the band got to step up and talk about events from the past four decades. Next after two more songs was Punky’s turn. He talked about the 1997 recordings with Howard Lease, Rowan Robertson, Phil Chen, Steve Stevens, Kieth Emerson and Slash! The band broke into a couple from the “And then Some” recordings. Next Ronny stepped up and talked about the Hex is On recording and the band went into two cuts from the Hex. Jim made the final speech about recording the Nobody Sleeps album (where no one slept) and they broke into Victory, Witch’s 80’s power balled. They closed the set with Cinderella a crowd favorite from the very first show. The set was very well thought out and the delivery was the best of the past 10 year reunion shows. Don’t miss Witch next year as they celebrate 40 years of the Hex is On!